Stones of Agape

Summer Collection


These pieces are sure to be stunning on any neckline. Our Agape necklace collection includes long, draped, choker, and adjustable pieces. All clasps and chains are hand-made.


Every pendant is hand-made. Our designs come from natural, spiritual, and cultural influences. Click our Tree of Life to see more of our unique products.


Earrings should be playful. Whether it's dangling or looped, earrings are the perfect accessory. I like to come up with fun designs to dress up even the most casual outfits.

Care Collection

The Care Collection consists of pendants that represent a specific cause. The pink angel is for cancer; the purple butterfly is for fibromyalgia; and the orange flower is for multiple sclerosis. Purchases will reward these charities with 10% of total Care Collection sales. Also, you can donate directly by clicking on each charity logo on the right side of this screen.


SoA bracelets come in a variety of styles. This is the only collection not made solely out of wire. While I do offer wire cuffs, bangles, and chains, magnetic and stretch bracelets are also available


Our funky and fashionable rings come in a myriad of styles. Whether you're looking for large stones to play up an ensemble or sleek elegant designs to complement your style, we are always brainstorming to meet your needs.