Stones of Agape



Feeding the Homeless

Some of my organizations in college would collect money or canned goods and donate them to the homeless. One of the most touching experiences I have ever had was when I handed food to the hungry and heard personal experiences of those who were suffering. It is because of those moving encounters that I have decided to give 10% of all sales toward feeding the homeless. Once a month I will shop using the 10% for healthy food high in nutrition and personally give the food to Loaves and Fishes, a local food bank. I will add the days in which I will feed the homeless on the events calendar, which is located under "Events". If anyone wishes to join me, feel free to bring as many people as possible. I honestly believe more people need to give back to the community and interact with those who have dealt with different struggles. Never judge anyone because we all have our own personal battles.
Love and Namaste

Care Collection

The Care Collection consists of pendants that represent a specific cause. The pink angel is for cancer; the purple butterfly is for fibromyalgia; and the orange flower is for multiple sclerosis. I chose these three organizations for in honor of my mother, aunt, and cousin who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, my sister who has multiple sclerosis, and so many people I know who have cancer or have cancer in their family. Purchases will reward these charities with  10% of total Care Collection sales.
Also, you can donate directly by clicking on each charity logo on the right side of this screen. All donations are helpful regardless of the amount.

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